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Welcome to Balance Within Wellness International!

It is the Mission of Balance Within Wellness International Inc. to provide health and wellness enthusiasts connections to trusted members of our community that provide inspiration, empowerment and awareness for them to experience health and wellness. 

Our wellness center in the heart of Saskatoon is a home and interface for dynamic methods of energy therapy modalities.  We provide our beautiful space to practitioners for low rent to help support their success, an already exisiting network of clients to help them grow more quickly 
 and systems that work so they don't have to. 

Find the practitioner, session, workshop, training or event that feels right to you 

and realize your Balance Within.


Celeste Lemieux

Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, Sexual Wellness Educator, Public Speaker, Dreamweaver of Positive Passions Boutique (Owner 2005),
Balance Within Wellness International (Founder 2012), Life Balance Development System (Founder 2014)

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Celeste Lemieux has been an active member of the community for most of her adult life.  Celeste is the proud owner of Positive Passions Boutique which opened its doors in 2005. She has been offering guidance in regards to sexuality, intimacy, relationships(to self and others) and the common challenges that come up in each of those areas for over 15 years.   Since 2008, Celeste has been offering intuitive energy readings, balancing and guidance utilizing Shamanistic, Reiki, Indigenous, Yogic, Tantric, Energetic and Practical techniques. She is now sharing this wisdom with others to enhance their magical or intuitive gifts.  The beautiful Balance Within Wellness Centre in Saskatoon, SK was founded in 2012 and now provides a stable foundation and business incubator to other facilitators in the areas of Personal, Professional, Lifestyle or Spiritual Development.​

Melanie Morales S.

Balance Within Shareholder, Certified Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner,

Reiki Practitioner & Master, Dream Intuitive 

Melanie has been working with clients as practitioner, sharing her gifts of energetic touch, insight, intuition and more since 2013. Coming from a Salvadorian background, she is first generation born and raised on the prairies of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Melanie has native traditional teachings, ancestral wisdom, as well as other holistic methods and knowledge. She guides those on their self healing journey, aiding them to find their stillness within, clear and transform energetic blockages from current life style to ancestral patterns and past life traumas.

Clarise Bryson-Kachur

Balance Within Shareholder, Certified Life Balance Practitioner

Clarise grew up in Regina and moved to Saskatoon in 2003. Clarise has been working towards empowering and guiding people for almost 20 years and recently took training from Balance Within Energy and Wellness Centre. Clarise has been inspired by many people that have helped her in her life’s journey.

There are many things in this life that teach us different lessons. With a kind and loving heart, Clarise can help you in finding the answers to the questions that elude you.

Kimberley Sawatzsky

Balance Within Shareholder, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Card Reader, Remote Viewing Studies

Kimberley Sawatzky has been apart of Holistic Healing for about 25 years. She has done intuitive readings for 25 years, within the last 10 years Reiki showed up in her life and it resonated with her taking her into her Reiki journey.  She discovered Remote Viewing and has taken classes as a Remote Viewer and became a Reiki Master as well. She then came across Access Bars Consciousness and has been practicing and taken classes with Access Bars for the last two years, becoming a facilitator to teach and have classes.

Katelyn Thibault 

Balance Within Shareholder, Life Balance Mentor and Practitioner 

Katelyn currently resides on a ranch outside of Maple Creek, SK.  It was through her journey of learning how to self-love that she discovered her magical abilities. Becoming aware of her gifts has not only aided in the transformation of her life but of those around her.  The Life Balance System has helped to guide her along her path in energy work.  Katelyn is strongly connected to both nature, animals and has discovered her passion in working with the earth and plant medicines.  She hopes to bring the beautiful community of Balance Within into her small town, through Life Balance Practitioner Programs, Wild Women Retreats, Community Sharing Circles, Full Moon Ceremonies and many more.

Founding Members...

Our Vision...

Our qualified practitioners provide a wide range of treatments including: Balance Within™, Body Talk, Animal Sessions, DNA Activation, Reiki and more.  We understand that we all have our unique gifts and are committed to honoring this diversity.  We love to empower others to become aware of and bring more self-confidence to offering these gifts ethically in the world.  Balance Within Energy and Wellness has become the bowl in which many modalities of health, wellness, energy and healing are combined to make a nourishing soup to feed us all.   The Balance Within Energy & Wellness Center hosts trainings, workshops and events from beginner to advanced forms of holistic practices.