Zero Capital Outlay Air Source Heat Pumps & LED Lighting

Spread the cost of your Air Source Heat Pump over 2 years in your energy bills. We will install an Air Source Heat Pump along with LED lighting for your home at Zero Capital Outlay to yourself. All of our Air Source Heat Pumps come with 2 years Free Servicing and 7 years manufacturer warranty.

Plus receive 100% of RHI & MMSP payments, up to £12,437 over 7 years!

Reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall energy spend in one simple step

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new technology and innovative ways of energy reduction

We have designed our own unique approach to energy management – combining energy contracts with energy reduction. When you renew your energy contracts using Refresh Energy, we will supply and install energy efficient equipment within your home, at zero cost to you.

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There are many benefits to our clients when agreeing an EESA (Energy Efficiency Service Agreement) with Refresh Energy.

We have a unique approach towards the energy industry and we always offer a tailored package to suit the individual. We don’t have a one size fits all approach and we fully understand the importance of knowing what each of our customer needs are.

  • Free energy audit
  • New high spec energy efficient equipment
  • No capital outlay
  • Reduced overall energy consumption
  • Free servicing for all equipment
  • Carbon emission reductions
  • Fixed energy prices for 2 years


To be accepted onto our Domestic Programme, you must either be a Homeowner, a Landlord or a Housing Association/Housing Group. To apply you can simply follow our online savings calculation process which will determine the estimated energy and cost savings you can expect to see when joining our scheme. We base your savings on the following:

  • Current Unit Rates / Expected Price Increase Forecast ‘V’ Our fixed rates set by our preferred suppliers.
  • Current Boiler, age, efficiency. Current Lighting, usage per hour, wattage. ‘V’ Replacement equipment, age, efficiency. Replacement LED Lighting, usage per hour, wattage.
  • Current Energy Consumption ‘V’ New consumption after installation of energy equipment
  • Current servicing costs and/or monthly boiler care ‘V’ New zero maintenance and free servicing for duration of agreement.


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We will install brand new energy efficient equipment in your home



Reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall energy spend