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Tania Lafontaine

Jocelyne Poirier

Celeste Lexieux

Holly Thompson

Chantal Durette - Balance Within Shareholder, Certified Life Balance Practitioner

Chantal enjoys the beautiful synchronicities of life. As an empathy she enjoys picking gemstones that resonate with current situations, creating art and sharing her passion for personal empowerment through mindful unconditional love and faith in the Universe. Her passion for healing came while on the Wild Women Empowerment Vacation. She found her niche, over coming her fears of heights, the dark and other personal obstacles. Chantal knew that the love and compassion she was shown was something she wanted to share. With this in mind Chantal has dreams of one day co-hosting a Wild Women’s Vacation in hopes of helping others feel safe, empowered and inspired to live and achieve their dreams.

Chantal Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Sound Healing

Melanie Morales Serrano - Balance Within Shareholder, Certified Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Dream Intuitive

Melanie was first introduced to the Japanese healing system, Reiki in 2013. Since then she has been intimately working with energy, doing her own self healing as well as helping those around her to find peace and clarity within themselves. In 2014 Melanie was lead to Balance Within Energy & Wellness Center where she was introduced to the Life Balance System. This system allowed her to move through her journey with more ease and support along the way. Becoming aware of her innate gifts, it is her passion and purpose to guide those who struggle to see the beauty in their shadows. She offers a safe and loving space, offering clear guidance from your higher purpose and self.

Melanie Offers: Reiki Sessions, Life Balance Sessions, Dream Work, Past Life: Journey to the Soul, Workshops & Classes

Natalie L. Dinsdale - Life Balance Practitioner (In Practicum), Sensual Dance Facilitator, Pole Dance Instructor, Astrologer, Sex & Pleasure Coach

Natalie L. Dinsdale, MSc, is your passionate resource for sex, dance, and astrology. She helps women connect to their instinctual intelligence through body movement, astrological insight, and awareness of cycles and rhythm. Natalie offers  astrological consultations, sensual dance classes- including pole dancing and lap dancing workshops- as well as intensive programs for women troubled by a low sex drive. 

Natalie Offers: Pole Dancing Workshops & Classes, Astrological

Consultations, Sex & Pleasure Coaching

Kelly Wiese: Registered, Licenced Therapist/Counsellor. 
ACCT: Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. 
Disordered Eating Specialist, Talk Therapy, Creative, Therapeutic Writer and Art Therapist, Breathe and Body Work Coach with a Holistic Perspective. Addiction, Childhood Unplugged and how to be a supportive, healing presence are her specialties. 

Why does Kelly call herself a Disordered Eating Specialist? She's in recovery! She lived to speak her truth! What she offer is honesty, clarity, objectivity and answers. Eating Disorders / addictions, are a series of complicated rituals, centered around loss of personal voice. Without voice, we have limited choice, and that means we feel out of control. Kelly's personal mantra is, It’s not about the Food or the addiction itself. 
So, what is it about then? That’s your job! To be gentle and caring enough about yourself, to find out what brings you to her.

Her hope, is that if any of these words resonate with you. You, will honor your journey and start your adventure. Towards the healing of soul and body. 

Kelly can be contacted  at                         


Anne-Edith Vigneoult

Laureen Sebial

Laurissa Fauchoux

Andrew Droneck

Kimberley Sawatzky

Colleen Ferguson

Clarise Bryson-Kachur - Balance Within Shareholder, Certified Life Balance Practitioner

Clarise Bryson-Kachur grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan and moved to Saskatoon in 2003. Clarise has been managing business and working with employees for almost 20 years to gain her  experience in empowering and guiding people. Clarise recently took the practitioner training from Balance Within Energy & Wellness Centre to help develop the intuitive abilities so clearly evident in her daily life. Clarise has been inspired by an   abundance of people that have helped her in her life’s journey and believes that there are many things in this life that teach us different lessons. With a kind and loving heart, Clarise can help you in finding the answers to the questions that elude you.

Clarise Offers: Life Balance Sessions

Colleen Ferguson - Reiki Master in Usui and Tibetan, Certified Crystal Healer, Access Bars Practitioner, Raindrop Therapy Practitioner & Medium

Colleen was born with a gift of sensing energies of souls that have passed. She has had a long career in Healthcare as a Registered Nurse in several different aspects of providing care to clients, while incorporating her desire of Energy Healing. Colleen is an Eclectic Divine Healing Practitioner that incorporates Reiki, crystals, therapeutic touch, Raindrop Therapy. She is also a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, a Medium and an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes Practitioner.

Colleen Offers: Reiki Sessions, Crystal Healing, Access Bars & Rain Drop Therapy


Charlotte Krasowski - Certified Master Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor

For the last 9 years, Charlotte has operated a private business in Edmonton, Alberta. Teaching certified Theta Healing® workshops and providing private sessions via in person/Phone or Skype.
Before being involved with Theta Healing®, Charlotte worked for a cancer institute as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. This field has allowed her to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the physiology and disease of the human body. As well, as how the human psyche can have an impact on our healing.
It was not until Charlotte became ill her self, that she fully understood the impact that trauma, and illness can have on a persons physical, emotional and spiritual levels. In time, this lead Charlotte down a path of Depression and Anxiety.
Charlotte tried all the conventional methods such as, medications, psychologists, physiotherapists with no or little relief. In her continuous search to heal, Charlotte found Theta Healing®.
Theta Healing® has helped transform Charlotte’s life on all levels. Within a few months of practicing the technique, Charlotte went off all of her medications and instead of just coping, she is enjoying life more fully without pain and suffering. That is when Charlotte decided to become an Instructor so she could share this gift and help others heal.
One of Charlotte’s greatest Joys is witnessing the positive transformation Theta Healing® has done for so many others. It changed their lives from living with pain and suffering, to living with JOY, EASE and HAPPINESS.
Charlotte is here to share her story and give you the POWER of CHOICE.  The choice to create a HAPPIER, EASIER and more FULFILLING Life.

Charlotte Offers: Theta Healing Sessions and Classes

Wendy Walker - Licensed Soul Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Past Life Regressionist 

Throughout Wendy's life, she has always heard her inner guidance speak to her. She has not always known it was her inner guidance yet when she felt and heard what she was guided to do, she did it. For her that is all there was to it, she was being shown what she needed to do.

Wendy is committed and passionate about supporting you as you gain access to your inner guidance. She supports you to not only hear it but to trust this truth that is within you. Then she supports you as you jump in and make these courageous choices in your life.

Wendy has always been drawn to things that connected her with her spirituality.  Being a single caregiver of  3 children had only deepened her search from of all the pain and overwhelm she carried inside. She has always had this inner knowing that she was meant to do and be more in her life yet never knowing what that was.  Then, as she was standing in her bedroom listening to a woman speaker (online) it showed up.  She remembered turning and looking into the mirror.  Tears started flowing down her cheeks like little rivers, and at that moment, she knew this woman was going to change her life.  Along with this inner knowing, she felt her fears show up strong. They were telling Wendy she was crazy and that she did not need this/her, that Wendy was fine and that it would be a waste of money, money she did not have. She knew if she did not take this step and just jump in with everything she had, nothing would change. She was desperate for a change, she needed this. Wendy jumped in and said YES.  Going through and doing the work of Soul Therapy personally, has changed the way she thinks, feels and experiences her life.  She now experiences freedom….. freedom from her self-sabotaging thoughts….freedom from needing to be perfect…freedom from wasting endless hours in thoughts and stress.

Understanding who you are, why you think, feel and REACT to life the way you do will free up a lot of your energy, time and money by opening a door to the power of your sacred heart wisdom. 

Wendy Offers: Past Life Regressions, Generational Healings, Soul Therapy Interactive Workshops & Private Soul Therapy Sessions / Programs

visit Wendy's website here!

Afua Tiah - Certified Life Balance Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Afua Tiah assists women and men who have a drive to enhance their life with health, relationship and spiritual vitality. For the last 9 years, Afua Tiah has practiced energy therapy working deeply with the avenues of breath, intention, meditation, yoga, pranic (energy) healing, space clearing and DNA activation. Afua works intuitively, assisting clients to connect with the guidance from their Divine Self to gain insight into their current internal and      external worlds, ultimately moving deeper into their purpose and passion in life. She works 1x1 with clients through transformational programs and teaches several workshop out of this centre.  

Afua Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Life Coaching, DNA Activation, Breathwork Sessions, Space Clearing, Workshops

Lynne Desborough - Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Basic Aroma-Therapist 


Lynne moved to Canada in 2007 from England with her husband and two children. She is a caring and empathic individual, who people find easy to open up too.
Modern day life is stressful for many of us, work and relationships are just two of the many stresses we face every day. Studies have shown that stress is the No.1 cause of many health problems, including but not limited to depression, headaches even ulcers and digestive problems.
She believes that taking time for ourselves is crucial and beneficial to us all in this busy world we live in. Massage is just one of many tools for helping the release old energy, that makes us feel blah! Replacing it with a new energy giving us a sense of calm, peace and clear mindedness leaving us feeling rejuvenated. Giving our bodies a helping hand to heal.
Lynne currently offers Indian head massage, Hot stone and relaxation massage. And certified in basic aromatherapy, but working towards advanced aromatherapy, which all help in clearing the mind, body and soul, allowing better balanced health.

Lynne Offers: Indian Head Massage, Hot stones Massage, Relaxation Massage and Aromatherapy Sessions                   

Jocelyne Poirier: JPoirierSanté Vie Energie/Health Life Energy RG/Enr.
Dr Hauschka Bio Esthetician-Medical Intuitive-Enelph Treatment


​Jocelyne is a Medical Intuitive therefore a Medium who offers a variety of specialized services. Jocelyne takes an alternative approach with many beneficial factors to identifying the cause of physical dysfunction and allowing for the treatment to be generated from the origins as opposed to only the symptoms. This technique promotes self empowerment through taking responsibility and ownership of personal wellness with a better understanding of ourselves, therefore finding our purpose in life with more ease. Jocelyne will teach you energy awareness to benefit your physical and emotional condition and to bring you harmony. The guidance obtained is very individual and intuitively directed plus energy sensory perception.


After a practicum of 10 years Jocelyne also completed her studies in Intuitive Criminology and Intuitive Animal spirit insights which were complementary to become a Medical Intuitive. She also participated in an on-line conference with Carolyn Myss/Dr Norm Shealy to obtain more clarity and strenght in the Energy Medicine field. She also studied many modalities of healing energy to guide and ease a client`s concerns to best assist in their well-being. 

Jocelyne is all about a health and balance attitude and the application of mind-body-mental-spirit-emotional levels which offer a comprehensive and logical way to be of service.
Contact :



Melanie Morales

​​​​Andrew Droneck​ - Certified Massage Therapist, Jikiden Reiki Level 2

Andrew is a practitioner of Registered Massage Therapy who graduated from Mckay Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2011. His massage style has gained influence from various modalities such as Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Lymphatic drainage, Reiki, and Hot stone massage. Andrew believes that each holistic modality has its place in health and growth and is continuing his education in energy work, physical therapies, nutrition, and spiritual awareness. Andrew is currently offering lymphatic drainage, hot stone, therapeutic     massage, all of which are portable to come to your home for your convenience.
Andrew was raised in small town Saskatchewan where he could discover his interests in holistic health and wellness. Receiving massage at a young age Andrew was able to begin practicing on his 14 cats and dog which he developed a calming, caring, and intuitive sense that translates to his practice. Through compassionate and careful listening he addresses physical and energetic issues, gently helping your body toward its own natural healing abilities and opening up the potential for deep relaxation. He strives to make each session meaningful for your life that day, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation.

Andrew Offers: Hot Stone Massage, Jikiden Reiki Sessions, Therapeutic     Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Session 

Wendy Walker

Clarise Byron Kachur 

Anne-Edith Vigneoult - Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT2000), Certified Life Balance Practitioner, Relax and Renew Level 1, Yoga Nidra Level 1

Anne is passionate about life. Her curiosity for the unknown brought her to move to 14 cities across North America and explore 19 countries around the world Her adventures taught her to find guidance, clarity and ease within, as well as tools to create this sense of home in all times and places. 
From a long-standing devotion to western medicine, she now embraces a holistic approach to wellbeing. She promotes individual empowerment to wholesome expression of one’s potential. 
She studied alongside Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine), Joe Barnett (Yin Yoga), Judith Hanson Lasater (Relax and Renew-Restorative Yoga), Brenda Feuerstein (Yoga Nidra) and Céleste Lemieux (Life Balance Program).
Anne's yoga and channeling sessions are based upon steps to love, heal, nurture and restore the Self. Her calling is to provide a safe, peaceful and guided environment so everyone can bloom from this space within where creativity and vitality abound and where authenticity, softness and   wisdom build strong pillars. 

Anne-Edith Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Yin/Restorative/Energy/Nidra Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Skyin (private and group skype sessions) Offering in French or English Facebook: Skyin Email:


Natalie L. Dinsdale

Lynne Desborough

Charlotte Krasowski

Jennifer Whitfield

Celeste Lemieux - Balance Within Shareholder, Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, Sexual Wellness Educator, Public Speaker

Born and raised in Saskatoon SK., Celeste Lemieux has been an active member of the community for most of her adult life. Celeste is the proud owner of Positive Passions Boutique which opened its doors in 2005. She has been offering guidance in regards to sexuality, intimacy, relationships (to self and others) and the common challenges that come up in each of those areas for over 15 years. Since 2008, Celeste has been offering intuitive energy readings, balancing and guidance utilizing Shamanistic, Reiki, Indigenous, Yogic, Tantric, Energetic and Practical techniques. She is now sharing this wisdom with others to enhance their magical or intuitive gifts. The beautiful Balance Within Wellness Centre in Saskatoon, SK. was founded in 2012 and now provides a stable foundation and business incubator to other facilitators in the areas of Personal, Professional, Lifestyle or Spiritual Development.​

Celeste Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Practitioner Training's, Mentor Training's, Reiki Sessions, Workshops, Consultations Couples & Individuals

Jami Young - Leadership & Empowerment Coach, Conscious Business Consultant, ​Workshop Facilitator, Speaker 

Driven by the belief that all women have the  capacity to create extraordinary lives,   communities, businesses, and organizations, Jami Young is on an inspired mission to make women’s leadership development and training more accessible across the globe. 
In her work as a Women’s Leadership Mentor and Empowerment Coach, Jami guides female  entrepreneurs, executives, and change-makers to boldly step into their desires, embrace their authenticity, and fiercely redefine success on their own terms. Through her online platform and live events, Jami calls women to rise into greater leadership by claiming their personal power, activating their unique brilliance, and unleashing the wisdom of their voices.
Jami is the creator of Rise by Design, an innovative training program for emerging and expanding women leaders. She is an award-winning community-builder, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and her work on leadership, business, and personal growth has been featured across a variety of media outlets.
In addition to formal training and credentials in fundraising, change management, organizational leadership and governance, Jami has more than a decade of experience in marketing, communications and resource development in a diversity of sectors including business, health, and the arts. Currently she is a speaker and teacher, and works with clients through private coaching, workshop facilitation, and conscious business   consulting.

​​​​Jami Offers:  Business & Change Design

Visit Jami's Website here!


Chantal Durette

Our clients, students and sessions are as diverse as our Practitioners.  

Find the one that feels right to you!

Jami Young

Sandy Baker - Balance Within Shareholder, Life Balance Practitioner, Usui Reiki Practitioner & Master, Angel Card Reader & Medium

Born and raised in Saskatoon Sandy has been working and part of the community for her entire life. She has been sharing her intuitive gifts with family and friends for the last 10 years. Also working in the health field for last 18 years as well as 4 years of nursing school. Sandy also has a good understanding of how the body works. Sandy is a level 3 Reiki master, studying Qi Gong as well as other modalities. In her pursuit to combine both western and eastern medicine. Sandy has been working in the community doing Reiki since 2014 with her Angel guides, as well as utilizing spiritual totems.
She seeks to establish a sense of health and well being for her clients using these tools in combination with her gifts as a empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and connection to our angels as a medium. She believes we all  have these abilities as well as the ability to heal and transform our lives. Her mission is to empower those she works with!

Sandy Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Angel Card Readings, Reiki Sessions

Laureen Sebial - Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner & Trainer (Certified by Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing)

Laureen’s greatest breakthrough in her journey to self-awareness is the realization that our body has the ability to heal itself and that being kind to yourself, loving yourself in the present moment creates a path to healing our body, mind and soul. 
As she herself has experienced the benefits of    Bio-Energy Healing in restoring her clarity, focus, peace of mind and allowing her body to heal itself naturally, she is excited to introduce and bring the Bio-Energy Healing experience in Saskatoon and share this life-transforming experience to her clients – for them to restore their health and well-being; and to breakthrough from the patterns that caused their dis-ease so they can fully experience their greatest wealth – their health.

Laureen Offers: Treatment Sessions and Level 1 Bio Healing, Training Workshops 


Sandy Baker

Phyllis Robinson

Afua Tiah

Kimberley Sawatzky - Balance Within Shareholder, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Body Processes, Intuitive Card Reader, Remote Viewing Studies and Akashic Records 

Kimberley Sawatzky has been apart of Holistic Healing for about 25 years. She has done intuitive readings for 25 years, within the last 15 years Reiki showed up in her life and it resonated with her taking her into her Reiki journey.  She discovered Remote Viewing and has taken classes as a Remote Viewer and became a Reiki Master as well. She then came across Access Bars Consciousness and has been practicing and taken classes with Access Consciousnesss for the last four years, becoming a facilitator to teach The BARS and give BARS Sessions and Body Processes.   Kimberley has also found Akashic Records and has Integrated them into her Practice on her Energy Healing Journey 

Kimberley Offers: Reiki Sessions & Classes,  Reiki Crystal Sessions, Access Bars Sessions & Classes, Access 40 Body Processes Including Energetic Facelifts, Clairvoyance, Intuitive Energy Card Readings, Therapeutic Touch & Remote Viewing , Akashic Records 

Amanda Smytaniuk​​​Certified Hypnotherapist & HypnoBirthing Practitioner

​Amanda Smytaniuk, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing practitioner. She obtained her certification as a Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2014. Trained and mentored by Heather Rodriguez, Amanda believes in empowering individuals to authentically live the life they desire through heartfelt hypnosis. Amanda works with individuals on a variety of issues including smoking cessation, anxiety, weight loss, abundance, pain management, grief, loss and letting go. She also works with pregnant women and their partners to use hypnosis as a means of empowerment in their birthing experience. In both contexts, Amanda works with her clients to        reconnect with their natural ability to care for themselves by way of eliminating fear, resistance, limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, behaviors and habits. Amanda is incredibly passionate about the benefits of hypnosis and is excited to share them with you!

​Amanda Offers: Hypnotherapy Sessions, HypnoBirthing 

Tania LafontaineLife Balance Practitioner (In Practicum), Card Reader, Energy Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Motivational Speaker

Tania Marie carries the essence of darkness and dark goddess energy. She will teach you to  celebrate the dark and fractured pieces of your soul as a source of your strength. She believes that the reason many of us struggle is that we are simply unable to honor the  places of ourselves that our in much needed of healing and radical  acceptance.
Tania is fearless in her approaches and will journey with you towards the darkest aspects of yourself so that you may move forward in strength, passion and compassion. She is a warrior of truth and has an uncanny knack for providing deep insights into your subconscious. Her unique approach will leave you  feeling uplifted in your imperfections. 

Tania Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Oracle Card Readings, Workshops, Couples & Individuals

Amanda Smytaniuk

Kelly Wiese

Holly Thompson - Certified Angel Card Reader & Oracle Card Reader 

Holly first started on her spiritual journey when she found herself receiving a card reading which guided her to listen to her intuition. By doing so, Holly has since become a certified angel card reader and also started to moonlight using her clairsentience gifts. When Holly works with her clients, she uses her positive energy, high intuition and cards to provide the messages from Spirit.  Holly works with her clients to help them find their higher good.  Reading for friends and family has allowed her to see how accurate the readings are.  She is incredibly passionate in her work and continues to grow spiritually.

Holly welcomes you to book your reading with her. All of the readings are done confidentially.

Holly Offers: Intuitive Oracle & Angel Card Readings

You can visit Holly's website at

To book a reading with Holly e-mail or call

​1 306 514 7715

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​​​​​​​Jennifer Whitfield - Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Member of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy and Reiki Master. 

Jennifer views her role as a practitioner to remind you that you have an untapped ability to heal yourself, and achieve wholeness in body, mind and spirit. She has been practicing alternative medicine since 2007, and became a full-time healer in 2014. Jennifer’s calling is to assist you in your journey from healing to excellence, with the utmost in quality of client-centered care, professionalism, and a kind heart. It is her hope that you will want to work with her to help you create profound changes in your life. And it is her intention to be the absolute best practitioner that she can for you.

Schedule: by appointment, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm. 
Location: 1028 12th St Humboldt SK 
(sessions can also be scheduled at Balance Within upon request).

Hypnotherapy sessions are also available via phone or skype. 

Jennifer Offers: 
Reiki energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, Coaching and Workshops
(306) 231-6296

Phyllis Robinson - Chakra Alignment & Balancing, Private Clairvoyant & Spirit Readings, Kofutu Sessions & Aromatherapy Consultations

Phyllis has had a close connection with her spirit guides and guardian angels her whole life. This led her to study and develop her interests in energy work, spirit communication, colour therapy and essential oils. Phyllis is a certified aromatherapist and is on the executive of the Saskatchewan Association of Professional Aromatherapists. Phyllis is a founding member and president of Prairie Visions. Her quest has led her to study in many different fields from Amadeus Energy work, to Kofutu Energy work, to acupressure massage, to Feng Shui, to Chakras, to Colour Therapy, to Spirit Communication and to Personal Development. Phyllis will be offering a variety of events at Balance Within and is available for private sessions.

Phyllis Offers: Chakra Alignment & Balancing, Private Clairvoyant Spirit Readings, Kofutu Sessions & Aromatherapy Consultations 

Laurissa Fauchoux - Life Balance Practitioner (in practicum), Reiki Master & Practitioner

Laurissa is inspired by a self-empowering approach to healing. She believes that by utilizing our own intuition, we can learn to trust our own bodies and heal ourselves. In 2008, she was drawn to Reiki and was fascinated by how gentle but profound universal energy had on healing. Since then, she has been attracted to the energetic approach to wellness because of its positive impact within her own life. Along her  personal healing journey, she has learned to    better honor her own inner wisdom, appreciate her sensitive's, as well as love and trust herself. She continues to grow and wants to help others develop as well. Laurissa comes from a health  science background and believes in a balanced approach between with the scientific/logical and wisdom/intuitive aspects to wellness. As a Life Balance Practitioner (in practicum) and Reiki  practitioner, she helps clients on their own personal journey of self-healing.

Laurissa Offers: Life Balance Sessions, Reiki Sessions